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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 13, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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here. because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. >> tonight. >> i've got news for you. sean: the man who confronted ben fict harlan is here. >> i don't understand this. i don't get it. >> michelle malkin has answers for the senator. >> we have the aarp on board. sean: the aarp says the president's lying. >> the idea that your -- you're going to go down this road is extraordinary. >> america's allies sound a health care warming. -- warning. a prom meant republican raises eyebrows in yea. an ann coulter on our american panel. we've seen a lot of outrageous behavior from politicians at town halls this week. but this morning, texas representative sheila jackson lee took the disrespect to a
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new level, making a cell phone call while a cancer survivor asked a question. in this video, you can sele raising the phone to her ear and lowering it back down again. i think blatant disregard like that is a first, it didn't go unnoticed. take a look at how people in the audience reacted, this video has been circulating on youtube all day. >> [beep] >> seriously. really? come on. >> it's ok. >> if our conscience allow, congress' conscience allows them to -- do you think that -- sean: the congresswoman said she merely dialed president obama's health care hotline to get an answer for her constituents that sounds like she came really prepared. joining me to discuss all of
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this is author of "the culture of corruption" are which remains number one on "the new york times" list, michelle malkin is back with us. i don't know what's wrong, saying people are un-american, saying they have swastika, or that reaction, it tells a lot. >> it is a teachable moment, to borrow president obama's favorite phrase. the imperiousness with which sheila jackson lee acts and these regal people in washington are completely disconnected from reality, sean. there's a constituent who took the time out of her day to come and ask questions and share her concerns, and sheila jackson lee is on the cell phone? hello. what was really amusing about it was her explanation in which she sniffed that in congress, you have to multitask. amazing. sean: that's multitasking. this is a woman with real
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concerns. we're trying here on this program, last night we had the woman who confronted arlen specter on the program, very powerful testimony she gave, in just a minute, we'll be joined by that elderly gentleman who had that confrontation who has a whole host of illnesses he's dealing with, he's going to join us. we're trying to give voice but when the government refers to them as mobsters and un-american, is this the first time in our life tivepl we've ever seen the government attack people like this? >> i think it is. and i think that we ought to have been prepared for it, if anyone saw the way team obama has dealt with dissenters, critics throughout the campaign work you, sean, throughout the campaign, for simply shining light on truth about this administration and the myths it has per pitch waited, this is classic chick hardball tactics and of course they're engaging in classic projection, using smears about ordinary taxpayers being corporate shills, being
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un-american, being organized from the top down when everything tells us and certainly the town hall yesterday was proof positive that it is the obama administration, the white house, its allies on 1825 k street, the left wing lobbying ground zero, that are now trying to send out these thugs to intimidate ordinary, innocent americans, simply trying to participate in democracy. sean: that's the key. these are members of society expressing their first amendment rights. you would think we'd applaud them for taking time out of their busy summer schedules to go and voice their concern about health care. here's one of the things people are not talking about. what is this end of life counseling really about? are we really going to be able to keep our private insurance when the congressional budget office tells us otherwise? are we going to have a medical database that raises privacy concerns? who is going to pay for all of this? you notice in the course of all of this, none of these questions get asked. why do you think that is? >> well, because they're a
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distraction. they're a distraction from the emotionalism and the anecdotes with which obama is trying to sell obamacare and look, what they're doing to people like you who ask the questions. you're getting deride, you're getting mocked when you bring up these real and value liz concerned about end of life issues. they treat it as if it's a joke. even though there are a few outliers there, a few dissenters, even in the mainstream media, who are now questioning those sections of the bill. this is what the obama administration and the democrat majority didn't want. that's why they were dreading this long, hot recess. because the longer it takes, the more time we have to digest it, to question it, and to challenge it. sean: i brought this up with you last week, when your book hit number one on "the new york times" list, i pointed out that the top books in the country now, it's your boobling, mark levin was number one for 13 weeks, dick morris was number one on "the new york times" with his book so clearly, there
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is an appetite. what has happened to the media in this country, michelle, where we're getting more information from your blog, your book, levin's book, programs like this, than what was known as traditionally, historically, as the mainstream media? what's happened? >> there are a lot of reporters, journalists, editors who were not only ideologically invested in obama's victory and per pitch waiting the myth that she's brought something new to politics over the last six months, but they were also financially invested. i've pointed out before and i pointed out on this channel that "the new york times," for example, made millions of dollars selling obama merchandise. and i think even some of these media outlets are starting to get it, but look, not -- certainly not with the tea party movement and the counterinsurgencies and you see the white house deriding cable tv which means fox news, for give themming voice and quote-unquote putting a food fight on the air.
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sean: one thing that's been missing, and we put together a special about this, you've been covering this, and you cover the corruption issues in your book in great specificity and detail. one thing we're trying to answer some real questions, why is it that people from canada and from france and from great britain, when they have health care, come to the united states for coverage? doesn't that speak volumes about where this debate is really about? in terms of, nobody covers that issue. why do they come here? >> because we have the best system in the world which is why so many people are out there on the streets and at these congressional town halls trying to defend it. what's most interesting to me, and i've covered the tea party movement since its nascent days in late february, the people speaking out most against this health are the people familiar with the failures in socialized countries. you look at the tea parties, you'll seize naturalized
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citizens from sweden, france, cuba, britain, provide firsthand testimony of the failures of that system and why we should not allow it to be co-opted by the ja o because ma administration. sean: we're going to be joined by daniel hannan, he's a member of the european parliament, he's been warning america not to go down this road. let me ask you politically, i think there's a 50-50 chance this gets passed, unless the american people stay as vigilant and strong and outspoken and they're not intimidated, there's a chance this can still pass. your thoughts? >> i think you're right. i think there's no room for apathy now which is why people do have to crank it up despite the bully tactics and i also think that exposing the lie about the astroturfing is important. i spent a lot of time today on my own blog talking about these obama care human stage props that organizing for america and others have put forth and
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yesterday in portsmouth we saw it with the little girl whose mom happened to be a very invested and close ally of the obama campaign, somebody who worked for massachusetts women for obama, worked for a steering committee for -- of new england, had given money to obama, met with the first lady, met with the vice president, met with obama's daughters, for goodness state, and was cast as randomly chosen, happened to happen. there are no coincidences in obama world and people need to understand that. sean: michelle, again, congrats on the book, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. thank you. coming up, the man who did go face to face with senator arlen specter, he's going to give us his side of the story tonight. later on, daniel hannan, the member of the european 35r8ment who has no problem speaking his mind, he has a dire warning for the people of america and he'll share his thoughts on this raucous health care debate raucous health care debate gogo that's a-- tiny netbook.
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now, during the bass pro shops fall hunting classic you can use your bass pro shops visa to purchase select gear and save up to an extra $100 in addition to the sale price. sean: president obama trying to assure everyone government health care won't put private insurance out of business. he compared it to the postal service that competes with u.p.s. and fedex. >> u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine. they are. it's the post office always having problems. having problems. sean: that's it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down.
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pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker. ...oh shoot...i got no phone ...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! sean: they vased bitter vee tree ol, name calling, and violence, yet ordinary americans are coming forward and insisting their voices and questions are heard. tonight, we give them a place to speak freely and frakly. senator specter met my next guest and he didn't handle it with a whole lot of class. here's what happens when craig anthony miller questioned the senator. >> you want to be let out of
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here, you're welcome to go. now wait a minute, now wait a minute. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i have every right to leave. >> wait a minute, wait a minute he has a right to leave. he's right. wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. sean: miller claims senator specter's office told him he would be allowed to speak, but he was not given the mic, so he took matters into his own hands. let's take a look. >> i got news for you, you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. well, -- [applause]
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>> i'm not a lobbyist with all kinds of money to stuff in your pocket, so that you can cheat the citizens of this country so i'll leave and you can do whatever the hell you want to do. sean: today, events around the country were similarly tense. at a town hall, diane thurber wamsley spoke about the pro-abortion measures. >> americans will be required to have health care that meets minimum standards and obama administration considers abortion an essential service. [applause] it doesn't matter which side of the fence you are about abortion, i'm talking about taxpayer-funded abortion. we have to pay for it. whether we agree with it or not. sean: those two patriotic americans, diane thurber
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wamsley and craig miller are here with us. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for manage having me. shape craig, you're offsit, let me start with you. that was a tense moment. i think -- by the way, are you part of a mob? you a mob ter? -- mobster? >> no, i'm a born again christian, if you want to call christians a mob, then i'm a mob. but, no, i'm not part of a mob. sean: i saw a lot of passion and a lot of people have been critical. i know you in particular, you have been attacked here, but i guess what i'm trying to get through to my audience, you have real serious health concerns, you are not part of a group, you did not bring a swastika,, you're not a political terrorist. tell us what motivated you. >> no. sean: tell us what motivated you to go to the meeting and what happened. >> well, like i told the other
12:17 am
news organizations, the week before, i called arlen specter's office to talk to one of his people and got guarantees that i would have at least five minutes of mic time to go over the things that i brought with -- that concerned me. sean: let me bring in my next guest, so we give icondition -- diane an opportunity. you're not a mobster. >> no. sean: you're not part of a group. >> no. sean: you didn't carry a swastika, you're not a political terrorist. these are what elected officials are saying about people like you, average americans, that are showing up at town hall meetings have you ever done this before? >> actually, my first town hall meeting was the night before in palisades park, i got the rundown of the rules of how
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long i was going to be able to speak if my question got asked. sean: and now that you've been there, now that you've been part of it, you didn't get a chance, you weren't going to get a chance, you feel this was orchestrated, what did you think would happen? >> they take 100 question, he was going through the pile he said, let me start from the bottom of the pile so we get some people in the back of the room. i was in the middle soism had gone last night and then today to get my question answered and i stopped one of his assistants and i said, do you think i could get my question answered? i came yesterday and now i'm here today and it doesn't look like i'm going to get a chance. she did, i was the second to last person to speak. sean: to get an opportunity. mr. miller, obviously your confrontation with senator specter has got -- gotten a lot of play. were you santa fed -- satisfied with how it ultimately ended? were you satisfied with how he handled it? >> no. sean: what would you have preferred?
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>> i would have preferred if -- if i could have gotten my voice heard, everything that i wanted to say would have gotten said. sean: i want to get diane in here. they've called you all these named, -- names, these elected officials. you're not part of an organized group but you care about this. what is your reaction to how the politicians are treating average american citizen the people that work hard, play by the rules, get up in the morning, pay their taxes, obey the law, people like this you? >> they're not telling the truth and so there's a lot of misinformation out there and if people don't goat gow out and challenge them, they're going to get away with it. sean: are you glad you did it do you feel that there's growing support for your movement? >> ab-- all americans should use their voice and speak up for things they believe in, otherwise this is going to be
12:20 am
forced down our throat. sean: diane, thank you for being with us, craig, i hope you feel better and i hope your voice was heard, i think it was heard louder than you think. coming up, ann coulter and the great, great american panel will weigh in.
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sean: tonight in "hannity's america," for weeks the obama administration accused the media, politicians and citizens of engaging in a misinformation campaign against health care reform. it's actually president obama spreading false information. listen to what he said at this well-orchestrated town hall. >> we have the aarp on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors.
12:25 am
aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining medicare. sean: guess what, mr. president. aarp has not endorsed any bill. when asked about the president's comments, an aarp spokesman said, quote, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in congress is inaccurate." maybe we should report this fishy information to the white house website. now president obama likes to talk about reducing government waste. here's an idea. the latest new york state audit reveals that 11 inmates in a new york jail managed to secure nearly $30,000 in unemployment benefits from their jail cells. now the prisoners, who are serving time for crimes ranging from bank robbery to rape, were set to collect another $18,000, but the state managed to intercept the money during an audit. the new york state comptroller,
12:26 am
thomas dinapoli, said, crime should not pay but these prisoners figured out a way to game the system from inside a cell. taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill for this kind of outrageous scam. if we could cut down on waste like this i have a feeling we'd be in a lot less debt. >> are we there yet? sean: for those of you keeping count at home, we are still over 1,180 days away from the 2012 presidential election, but a parade of political heavyweights continue to flock to hot spots like iowa and new hampshire. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is raising eyebrows after he announced a series of visits to iowa this fall he said he's not considering a white house run at this time, but he said, quote, this is an opportunity for me to go out and talk about things that i think the we need to be doing to turn this country in the right direction. we're going to continue to keep an eye on the early primary states in the weeks and months
12:27 am
ahead. sean: and tonight's meltdown is brought to you by u.n. secretary general moon. he spoke yesterday in korea at the world environment summit and issued a dire warning, the world is coming to an end. you may be wondering how to avoid this according to to the him, if we fail to act, cly malt change will intensify droughts, floods, and other natural disasters, water shortages will affect hundreds of millions of people, social unrest, even violence, could follow. scary, i know. but don't worry, we still have time, just not that much. the secretary general said, we have the power to change course, but we must do it now. we have just four months, four months to secure the future of our planet. wow, mr. ban, i think you maybe even lost al gore with that
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prediction. that's the news tonight from hannity's america. let not your heart be drubbled, the great, great, great american panel straight ahead. "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?" "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen.
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sean: in tonight's waste 101 update, the inspector general is telling us what we have been
12:30 am
reporting for month, many of the airport projects funded by think president's stimulus were not worthy. over $30 million was wasted on, quote, low priority projects of questionable economic merit. does that mean we get a refund? ann coulter and ourururururururp
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sean: tonight on our great, great american panel, she was a former -- he was a former pollster for jimmy carter advisor to george mcgovern's presidential campaign. path cadell. mercedes schlapp is with us. and the ever so shy ann coulter is back with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. sean: you voted for obama? >> you're going to ask this
12:33 am
until you die. i'm never going to tell you. sean: i'll start with you as a democrat on this panel are you happy with the names that democratic, the d.n.c., the attacks against the american people that we've been qunsing at these town halls? >> let me say, as a democrat, we're supposed to be the party of the common people. i've never known a situation where the president, remember the d.n.c. is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the white house. tom kean, the governor of virginia, probably helped sink his candidate for november with, for coming out and calling people a mob is unprecedented. i was shocked and it reflected -- it was stupid. sean: that's an interesting statement. the d.n.c. is obama. i never heard a democrat say that before. >> and also the most interesting thing, pat said this on your radio show, i finally understood why he ever thought for himself as a democrat and he said, he's
12:34 am
against the parties of the elite and the little guy. that has certainly switched in his lifetime. but as for these -- the moms at the town halls, they can't really get away with this, since the people you see protesting correspond to what the polls say, especially old people and people turning more and more against this of course they're turning against it because it's insane, they know they're being lied to, the american people aren't stupid. you can't say we're suddenly going to cover 47 million people and it's going to cost les and we won't have to ration health care. that's -- you can drink as much as you want and you won't get drunk under our plan. >> i'd like to add, talking to different grass roots organizations like, they've been going to different town hall they show up with 100 members. 500 extra people are showing up with their own sign, delivering their own messages. it is the american people, it's an emotional debate and it's important debate. >> it's the middle of of
12:35 am
august. they're lucky to get 20 people to show up for a town meeting. this is people turning out because they are desperately worried. we're all talking about health care, health care for the american people is only a piece of a whole. it starts with tarp bailouts, the stimulus package, which looks like a lot of pork to people, all the way, then when i said on your radio she, remember when i said in june, g.m. was the torpedo that was going to sink health care? that is one of the things that's happened. all of this has come together. people are desperately worried and there's an overarching issue which is spending. politicians in washington don't care, of either party, about deficits. sean: you don't deserve to call yourself a democrat, you're making too much sense. >> but the deficit thing is huge. people are upset. they think country -- we are going broke. you know, there's question of deficits in the trillions. >> it makes sense they're angry. >> they should be. they're saying, they're upset enough to come out.
12:36 am
>> to quote arlen specter, they don't have to be there either. and we know they're not acting because no one is that good an actor. >> can we give specter back to you guys? >> i think it's like democracy, it's the in and out category. democracy in action is good, elitism in washington is out. that's one thing you're looking at. craig's list is paying people $10 to $15 to go gow out and support obama care. sean: i still thing owaugh ma is going to bring the blue dogs into the oval office, promise them the moon in terms of pork barrel spending in their districts, he's going to twist their arm and they're going to cave, which means whether the people say don't do this, they're going to shove it down our throat. >> they'll get their dupay when it comes mid term elections. >> i don't think they will. it is overwhelming, the way people are coming out to these town halls. like arlen specter, they don't have to be there, as ehe cold
12:37 am
one o-- told one of his constituents. what's interesting about the town halls is the republican, by the way, the elected republicans, were about to go along with it, we just need a little amendment. it was the american people who spoke up. we do need, we need a little change on both sides, i think. >> this is what's going on in the country, the country has had it -- a friend of mine describes it democrats and republicans as the party of corrupts and the party of stupid. when i see jim, you can figure out where everyone fits. what's happened, people's confidence in congress has nosedived. it is so low. let me tell you, internal numbers on other questions, this thing is deteriorating. independents, in 2006 and 2008, acted like democrats. they're now seven or eight points different than republicans. they have swung so hard and so strong and that's why the white house worried. but i'll tell how yao what
12:38 am
politically is the case, i think they've decided they want to push this thing about the mob, is because they want to basically get the issue off the specifics. sean: i think what we need to be focused on is basically the democrats have to listen to the people. they've got to stop talking oven their cell phones. sean: sean: but they're attacking them. >> didn't they do death threats to congressmen, they have end of life clause in that bill. sean: we'll talk about that when we come back. it's ann coulter's favorite topic. >> it is. sean: you have another book coming out? >> the death panel. that's a good one. do i get to be on it? because then i'm for it. i have a list. i have a list. sean: more with our great, great, great american panel, also coming up, british politician daniel hannan is going to issue a stern warning, he's here in studio to talk about universe a health care about universe a health care and why americans need to. timet the latte budget under control. mm-hmm.
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sean: we continue now with our great american panel. we have the chief of staff, ralm "rambo dead fish" emmanuel, and his brother, dr. ezekiel emmanuel, one of obama's chief advisors on the issue of health care. let's put it on the screen, we talk about end of life issues. services provided to individuals who are every revariousably prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be be guaranteed. an obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia. now, ann, this has been the concern we have, page 425 to 430 of the house bill they talk about taking seniors in a room and offering them end of life counseling. >> right. sean: that doesn't sound encouraging to me. >> which they keep lying about. by the way, totally ironically, zeek emmanuel is on my death list.
12:44 am
hold the applause. i'm going to be on the death panel, then i'm in favor of it. sean: you get to pick who dies. >> i have a list. should i start with the a's. sean: read the headline tomorrow. you're the democrat. >> of course it is true that they are going to encourage people with dementia to take the assisted suicide, a, as i said, you can't suddenly cover 47 million who aren't covered and cut costs and not encouraging people to take an end of life pill and in actuality that's what's happened in places like oregon where they have state-run health care. woman gets a letter from the state-run health care, saying, we can't afford your cancer drug but we'll pay for assisted suicide. sean: in britain, not only have they denied women life-saving drugs if they have breast cancer but they put a price on how much a year of life is worth, that price is 45 grand. >> these value analysis, risk analysis, is done all the time
12:45 am
in business. but the point is, the people know this. they don't trust the government. the problem here, let me just say in 1993, the interest groups got together and they killed hillary care. this time, the white house essentially bought off the interest groups, particularly pharmaceuticals, who are spending $150 million for obama. >> they're accuse of organizing the mobs. >> and i think that's why you're seeing these people coming out and talking, really upset about this. they don't want the government involved in making delicate decisions on end of life issues. it shouldn't be the government consulting them. that's something you do with your priest, minister, doctor, and your family. sean: it's not -- it's end of life, privacy issues nobody talked about, we have the cost issues that the c.b.o. has contradicted in terms of what obama has predicted to the american people, we have a whole series of issues of whether or not the heritage foundation stims 83 million americans will be forced into
12:46 am
the government system, even the c.b.o. says tens of millions of people. >> once they get in there, it's hard for them to get out of the system. >> why have health care the bait when you're not discussing tort reform. how can you do this without dealing with that? >> and real corp. decision. >> insurance companies are, you know, terrible. >> on the privacy issue, i want to remind everyone about the passport records being looked into by the state department, i think it was a big story then it seemed like it was only obama's passport, when it was mccain's vee, is a the story dropped from the headline. don't tell me the government's going to have the records and it's not going to leak. at least we'll find out if clinton had venereal disease. they say abortion is not in the bill, not in the bill. i will bet my entire profits ever that a democrat congress is not going to have a health care bill that doesn't cover abortion. it's crazy. >> what do you think that
12:47 am
meant? i mean, i'm sorry. there's no way -- sean: one other thing, i want to talk about the politics of some of this. we watched this whole thing with professor gates go down. we have an nbc commentator saying, socialism is code word for the -- or the new n-word. did you hear that? >> i'm not surprised, i wrote about it, that this is the new argument, they wanted to accused liberals, accuse americans of being racist for not voting for obecause mark but they couldn't because americans did vote for him. so the first note of dissent from his agenda and suddenly, it's not health care, it's not the massive stimulus bill, it's racism. they suddenly notice he's black. that's their big argue. -- big argument. >> we're looking at this health bill, obamacare, it's very unfortunate the the direction we're moving into. >> pat, 20 seconds. >> when you raise racism, it's terrible. i lived through this. sean: is socialism the new
12:48 am
n-word? >> they're going to use whatever word they want. the problem is the media that is so out of touch with the country and count know -- >> and if they're worried about racism, how about the conservative black beaten up by the union, pro-obecause mark because he was passing out conservative bumper stickers. shape thank you for being with us. coming up next, european member of parol. , daniel hannan, he lived under european health care and the government rationing bod any that denied women with advanced life cans -- with breast canser their life-saving drugs, we'll talk about the nightmare of universal health care and this is a predictor of things that could come here, that's coming up and much, much more as we continue straight ahead.
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sean: if you want to see what government-run health care system looks like, look no further than countries like canada or great britain, they have in place so-called universal health care and the results are not pretty. joining us now is european member of parliament in studio for the first time, we usually have you from britain. what time is it when you're doing this? 3:00 in the morning? >> it's about 3:00 in the morning. sean: thank you for being here. you really have become quite a phenomenon among the conservative movement in this country because you constantly frame the debate as america, you are our friend, you are our brother, you are our ally, please don't go down this wrong road on health care. you feel that passionately about it. why? >> because i'm a friend of this doesn't -- this country and i wish it well and we're an important ally and what's bad for america is bad for britain and the free world. at a time when the american
12:54 am
state is expanding so much because of the stimulus and the bailouts and the nationalizations, the idea that in the middle of all that, you can also afford this massive state takeover of health care, that has got to be bad news for, obviously for u.s. citizens but also the world economy more generally. sean: you said to me the last time i had a chance to talk to you, the united states was about 10 years behind great britain in terms of nationalizing things. if we were to project 10 years down the road, where is america going to be if all these things are implemented? >> bankrupt. sean: almost there now. >> impoverished with your credit gone. we're maybe a couple of years behind zimbabwe, a few years ahead of you. the health care system we have is a relic of an era in britain when the state was considered all-powerful and benign and when we had rationing and when we had i.d. cards and mass nationalization and we're still stuck with it because once you
12:55 am
get a system like that, it's almost impossible to get rid of. how amazing to me that a free people, citizens of a country founded on the principle of independence, independence for the citizen as well as for the state, should be contemplating, in peacetime, burdening themselves with a system like this, which puts the power of life and death in a state bureaucracy. sean: one of the reasons i wanted to have you back. i here, last time you were on, it had been decided a week before that you have a government rationing body, your national health service is what it's called. i read the british papers all the time, they determined they would not provide life-saving medication to women with advanced breast cancer. i asked you, was that a death sentence you answer was? >> yeah, of course. if you then try to purchase your own treatment outside the national health service, they will cut off treatment you were getting from the n.h.s. because
12:56 am
they have a bias against the private sector. to be fair, some of that, there was such an outcry about that, that some of that has been modified but you get a good picture of the mentality. sean: we have people from canada come to america because of long waits and inferior care. we have people from great britain coming here for elective surgery and emergency surgery and the same thing with france. >> the thing that you may find hard to believe is that you go along and say, i need a hip replacement, i need treatment for prostate cancer, they'll say, thank you, the queue is over there, we'll see you october of next year. people are left in pain in positions where they can't work, where they're losing income and the back of the queue, waiting for permission to get treatment and there's nothing to do about it. sean: do you think the american people have lost, maybe, a certain parking lot of their uniqueness and understanding of what it means to be free? >> i don't think the people of this country have. i really don't. sean: why are they supporting it? >> i wonder whether they really do.
12:57 am
i'm an elected legislator as well no and no politician can afford to forget what his constituents think. s that country founded in the principle of small government, big individual. you know, constrained power and free citizens. you know, this -- the idea that this of all countries could put into the power of a state bureaucracy decisions over what kind of medical treatment you get, literally whether you live or die, is un-american. sean: i would agree with you but there's a large segment of the population, for whatever reason, they have almost mentally been conditioned to think the government is the answer to all their problems. they promised them social security, social security in america is bankrupt. medicare in america is bankrupt. the stimulus, once it passed, promised that unemployment wouldn't go above 8%, it's headed to double digits. there are people who put their faith in government, ching is the antithesis of the founding principle you mentioned. >> of course there are people
12:58 am
who think that. there are people of good will who think that. people who think that are not wicked. they've -- they have a different position from ours. sean: you've tried it, france has tried it. >> and all the countries of eastern europe have tried it. the british health care model was not as unique as it is now, it was shared by scheck slovakia and others have dismantled it, because it was part of that was to get rid of the n.h.s. system and replace it with something lose closer to america. the idea that you'll go down this road to cue what or whatever. sean: the americans are doing their jobs, they're going to town hall meetings, they're embarrassing them, even with that happening, democrats are just, you know, blinders on they still want to ram it down our throat.
12:59 am
there's a real commitment to get this done on the democratic side, the liberal side in this is there a day where you could be head of a party that comes to power? >> the last time that a party leader defeated by someone was when someone one in 1880. sean: greatto


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